Medium Dog Breeds

Want to get a medium or regular sized dog? Our list of medium dog breeds below will help you find a medium size dog that suits you.

List of Medium Dog Breeds

AfricanisPurebred10-12 years
AidiPurebred10-12 years
Airedale TerrierPurebred10-13 years
Alaskan HuskyCross Breed10-15 years
Alaskan Klee KaiPurebred12-15 years
American BulldogPurebred10-12 years
American Cocker SpanielPurebred12-15 years
American Pit Bull TerrierPurebred10-14 years
American Staffordshire TerrierPurebred12-14 years
American Water SpanielPurebred10-13 years
American White ShepherdPurebred12-14 years
Appenzeller SennenhundPurebred12-15 years
AriegeoisCross Breed10-12 years
Australian BulldogPurebred10-12 years
Australian Cattle DogPurebred12-15 years
Australian KelpiePurebred10-14 years
Australian ShepherdPurebred12-15 years
Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle DogPurebred10-13 years
Austrian Black and Tan HoundPurebred12-14 years
Austrian PinscherPurebred12-14 years
BarbetPurebred13-15 years
BasenjiPurebred10-12 years
Basset HoundPurebred10-12 years
Bavarian Mountain HoundPurebred10-12 years
Beagle-HarrierPurebred12-14 years
Bearded ColliePurebred12-14 years
Bedlington TerrierPurebred14-16 years
Belgian MalinoisPurebred12-14 years
Belgian Shepherd LaekenoisPurebred10-12 years
Belgian TervurenPurebred10-12 years
Berger PicardPurebred12-15 years
Black Mouth CurPurebred12-18 years
Black Norwegian ElkhoundPurebred12-15 years
Blue LacyPurebred14-16 years
Blue Picardy SpanielPurebred12-14 years
Bohemian ShepherdPurebred10-13 years
Border ColliePurebred12-15 years
Bouvier des ArdennesPurebred12-14 years
BoxerPurebred10-12 years
Boykin SpanielPurebred14-16 years
Bracco ItalianoPurebred11-13 years
Braque du BourbonnaisPurebred13-15 years
Briquet Griffon VendeenPurebred10-12 years
BrittanyPurebred12-15 years
Bulgarian Shepherd DogPurebred12-14 years
BulldogPurebred8-10 years
Bull TerrierPurebred10-12 years
Canaan DogPurebred12-14 years
Cao da Serra de AiresPurebred12-14 years
Cardigan Welsh CorgiPurebred12-15 years
Carolina DogPurebred12-14 years
Catahoula Leopard DogPurebred11-13 years
Catalan SheepdogPurebred12-14 years
Cesky FousekPurebred12-15 years
ChinookPurebred12-15 years
ChizerPurebred12-15 years
Cirneco dell’EtnaPurebred12-15 years
Clumber SpanielPurebred10-12 years
CockapooCross Breed14-18 years
Curly-Coated RetrieverPurebred8-12 years
DachshundPurebred12-15 years
DingoPurebred16-20 years
Doberman PinscherPurebred10-12 years
Dogo ArgentinoPurebred10-12 years
Drentse PatrijshondCross Breed12-14 years
DreverPurebred12-14 years
Dutch Shepherd DogPurebred12-15 years
English FoxhoundPurebred10-13 years
English Springer SpanielPurebred10-14 years
English Toy SpanielPurebred10-12 years
EurasierPurebred11-13 years
Field SpanielCross Breed11-15 years
Fila BrasileiroPurebred9-11 years
Finnish LapphundPurebred12-15 years
Finnish SpitzPurebred12-15 years
Flat-Coated RetrieverPurebred10-13 years
Francais Blanc et NoirPurebred10-12 years
German Longhaired PointerPurebred10-12 years
German ShepherdPurebred10-13 years
German Shorthaired PointerPurebred12-14 years
German Wirehaired PointerPurebred12-14 years
Giant SchnauzerPurebred10-12 years
GoldendoodlePurebred10-15 years
Golden RetrieverPurebred10-12 years
Grand Bleu de GascognePurebred12-14 years
GreyhoundPurebred10-13 years
Hamilton HoundPurebred11-13 years
HarrierPurebred10-12 years
HavanesePurebred14-16 years
HovawartPurebred10-14 years
Ibizan HoundPurebred12-14 years
Irish Red and White SetterPurebred11-13 years
Irish Water SpanielPurebred10-12 years
Irish WolfhoundPurebred6-10 years
JamthundPurebred11-14 years
Japanese ChinPurebred10-12 years
Karst ShepherdPurebred11-12 years
KeeshondPurebred12-14 years
Kerry Blue TerrierPurebred12-15 years
King ShepherdPurebred10-13 years
KomondorPurebred10-12 years
KooliePurebred16-18 years
Korean JindoPurebred12-15 years
KromfohrlanderPurebred12-14 years
KuvaszPurebred10-12 years
Lagotto RomagnoloPurebred14-16 years
Lakeland TerrierPurebred12-16 years
Large MunsterlanderPurebred11-13 years
Miniature American ShepherdPurebred13-15 years
Mountain FeistPurebred10-15 years
Neapolitan MastiffPurebred8-10 years
Northern Inuit DogPurebred12-14 years
Norwegian BuhundPurebred13-15 years
Norwegian ElkhoundPurebred10-12 years
Norwegian LundehundPurebred10-12 years
Old English SheepdogPurebred10-12 years
OtterhoundPurebred10-12 years
Patterdale TerrierPurebred11-14 years
Peruvian Inca OrchidPurebred11-13 years
Petit Basset Griffon VendeenPurebred11-14 years
Pharaoh HoundPurebred12-14 years
Picardy SpanielPurebred12-14 years
Plummer TerrierPurebred12-15 years
Polish Hunting DogPurebred10-13 years
Polish Lowland SheepdogPurebred10-12 years
Polish Tatra SheepdogPurebred10-12 years
Portuguese Podengo PequenoPurebred12-14 years
Portuguese Water DogPurebred10-14 years
Prazsky KrysarikPurebred12-15 years
PumiPurebred12-15 years
Pyrenean ShepherdPurebred15-17 years
Rafeiro do AlentejoPurebred10-12 years
Rhodesian RidgebackPurebred10-12 years
Russian SpanielPurebred14-16 years
SapsaliPurebred11-13 years
SarplaninacPurebred11-13 years
SchipperkePurebred13-15 years
Serbian HoundPurebred12-14 years
Shar-PeiPurebred8-10 years
Shiba InuPurebred12-15 years
Shikoku dogPurebred10-12 years
Siberian HuskyPurebred12-14 years
Silken WindhoundPurebred16-20 years
Skye TerrierPurebred12-14 years
SloughiPurebred12-15 years
Smaland HoundPurebred12-14 years
Small MunsterlanderPurebred12-14 years
Small MunsterlanderPurebred12-14 years
Soft Coated Wheaten TerrierPurebred12-15 years
Spanish Water DogPurebred10-14 years
Spinone ItalianoPurebred12-14 years
StabyhounPurebred13-14 years
Staffordshire Bull TerrierPurebred12-14 years
Standard PoodlePurebred12-15 years
Standard SchnauzerPurebred12-15 years
Swedish LapphundPurebred10-13 years
Swedish VallhundPurebred12-14 years
Texas HeelerPurebred13-15 years
Thai Bangkaew DogPurebred10-12 years
Thai RidgebackPurebred11-13 years
Tibetan TerrierPurebred12-15 years
Transylvanian HoundPurebred10-12 years
Treeing Walker CoonhoundPurebred12-13 years
VizslaPurebred10-14 years
WeimaranerPurebred10-12 years
Welsh Springer SpanielPurebred12-15 years
West Siberian LaikaPurebred14-16 years
WetterhounPurebred12-14 years
WhippetPurebred12-15 years
Wire Fox TerrierPurebred12-14 years
Wirehaired Pointing GriffonPurebred12-14 years
Wirehaired VizslaPurebred12-14 years
XoloitzcuintliPurebred14-20 years

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