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Large Dog Breeds

Want to get a big, large or giant sized dog? Our list of large dog breeds below will help you find a large dog that suits you.

List of Large & Giant Dog Breeds

Afghan HoundPurebred12-14 years
Akbash DogPurebred10-12 years
AkitaPurebred10-14 years
Alano EspanolPurebred11-14 years
Alapaha Blue Blood BulldogPurebred12-15 years
Alaskan MalamutePurebred12-15 years
American BulldogPurebred10-12 years
American English CoonhoundPurebred10-12 years
American FoxhoundPurebred10-12 years
American MastiffPurebred10-12 years
American StaghoundPurebred10-12 years
American White ShepherdPurebred12-14 years
Anatolian Shepherd DogPurebred10-13 years
Ariege PointerPurebred10-13 years
AzawakhPurebred10-12 years
BarbetPurebred13-15 years
BeauceronPurebred10-12 years
Belgian MalinoisPurebred12-14 years
Belgian SheepdogPurebred12-14 years
Belgian Shepherd LaekenoisPurebred10-12 years
BergamascoPurebred13-15 years
Berger PicardPurebred12-15 years
Bernese Mountain DogPurebred7-10 years
Black and Tan CoonhoundPurebred10-12 years
Black Mouth CurPurebred12-18 years
Black Russian TerrierPurebred10-14 years
BloodhoundPurebred10-12 years
Blue Picardy SpanielPurebred12-14 years
Bluetick CoonhoundPurebred11-12 years
BoerboelPurebred10-12 years
BorzoiPurebred10-12 years
Bouvier des ArdennesPurebred12-14 years
Bouvier des FlandresPurebred10-12 years
Bracco ItalianoPurebred11-13 years
BriardPurebred10-12 years
Bukovina SheepdogPurebred10-14 years
Bull ArabPurebred12-15 years
BullmastiffPurebred8-10 years
Canadian Eskimo DogPurebred12-14 years
Cane CorsoPurebred10-11 years
Caravan HoundPurebred10-15 years
Carpathian SheepdogPurebred12-14 years
Carpathian SheepdogPurebred12-14 years
Catahoula BulldogPurebred10-14 years
Catahoula Leopard DogPurebred11-13 years
Caucasian OvcharkaPurebred10-12 years
Central Asian OvtcharkaPurebred12-14 years
Cesky FousekPurebred12-15 years
Chart PolskiPurebred10-12 years
Chesapeake Bay RetrieverPurebred10-13 years
ChippiparaiPurebred12-15 years
CockalierPurebred12-15 years
Coton De TulearPurebred14-16 years
Czechoslovakian WolfdogPurebred12-15 years
Dandie Dinmont TerrierPurebred12-14 years
Dogue de BordeauxPurebred10-12 years
DorgiPurebred12-14 years
DreverPurebred12-14 years
Dutch SmoushondPurebred12-15 years
East-European ShepherdPurebred10-14 years
English Cocker SpanielPurebred12-14 years
English SetterPurebred10-12 years
English ShepherdPurebred12-15 years
Field SpanielCross Breed11-15 years
Finnish HoundPurebred10-12 years
Francais Blanc et NoirPurebred10-12 years
French BulldogPurebred10-12 years
German PinscherPurebred12-15 years
German Shorthaired PointerPurebred12-14 years
German Wirehaired PointerPurebred12-14 years
Glen of Imaal TerrierPurebred12-14 years
GoldendoodlePurebred10-15 years
Grand Basset Griffon VendeenPurebred12-15 years
Great DanePurebred7-10 years
Greater Swiss Mountain DogPurebred10-12 years
Great PyreneesPurebred10-12 years
Greenland DogPurebred12-14 years
GreyhoundPurebred10-13 years
Griffon bleu de GascognePurebred12-15 years
Ibizan HoundPurebred12-14 years
Icelandic SheepdogPurebred12-15 years
Irish SetterPurebred12-14 years
Irish TerrierPurebred12-15 years
Italian GreyhoundPurebred12-15 years
Japanese ChinPurebred10-12 years
Karelian Bear DogPurebred10-12 years
KeeshondPurebred12-14 years
Kishu KenPurebred11-13 years
KooikerhondjePurebred12-14 years
Korean JindoPurebred12-15 years
Kyi-LeoPurebred12-15 years
Lapponian HerderPurebred10-12 years
LeonbergerPurebred8-10 years
Lhasa ApsoPurebred12-15 years
Majestic Tree HoundPurebred10-13 years
Mal-ShiPurebred12-15 years
MastiffPurebred10-12 years
McNabPurebred13-15 years
Mountain CurPurebred12-16 years
Mountain FeistPurebred10-15 years
New Guinea Singing DogPurebred16-19 years
Norfolk TerrierPurebred12-15 years
Norwegian BuhundPurebred13-15 years
Olde English BulldoggePurebred11-13 years
Pakistani MastiffPurebred8-10 years
PapillonPurebred13-16 years
Perro de Presa MallorquinPurebred10-12 years
Plott HoundPurebred12-14 years
Polish Lowland SheepdogPurebred10-12 years
PomeranianPurebred12-16 years
PugPurebred12-15 years
RajapalayamPurebred10-12 years
Rat TerrierPurebred15-18 years
RottweilerPurebred8-11 years
Russian SpanielPurebred14-16 years
SalukiCross Breed12-14 years
SamoyedPurebred12-14 years
SarplaninacPurebred11-13 years
SchapendoesPurebred12-14 years
Scottish TerrierPurebred11-13 years
Shiloh Shepherd dogPurebred12-14 years
SloughiPurebred12-15 years
Slovensky CuvacPurebred11-13 years
South Russian OvcharkaPurebred9-11 years
Spanish GreyhoundPurebred12-15 years
Spanish MastiffPurebred10-12 years
St. BernardPurebred8-10 years
Tamaskan DogPurebred14-16 years
Tibetan MastiffPurebred10-14 years
TornjakPurebred10-12 years
TosaPurebred10-12 years
Transylvanian HoundPurebred10-12 years
WeimaranerPurebred10-12 years
West Siberian LaikaPurebred14-16 years

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