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Small Dog Breeds

Want to get a small, tiny or miniature sized dog? Our list of small dog breeds below will help you find a small dog that suits you.

List of Small & Miniature Dog Breeds

AffenpinscherPurebred12-14 years
AlopekisPurebred14-16 years
American Eskimo DogPurebred12-15 years
American Hairless TerrierPurebred14-16 years
Andalusian HoundPurebred10-12 years
Australian TerrierPurebred12-15 years
Basset Artesien NormandPurebred13-15 years
Basset Bleu de GascognePurebred11-13 years
Basset Fauve de BretagnePurebred11-14 years
BeaglePurebred12-15 years
BeaglierPurebred13-15 years
Bichon FrisePurebred12-15 years
Bolognese dogPurebred13-15 years
Border TerrierPurebred12-15 years
Boston TerrierPurebred12-15 years
Brazilian TerrierPurebred12-14 years
Brussels GriffonPurebred12-15 years
CairmalPurebred12-15 years
Cairn TerrierPurebred12-15 years
Cavalier King Charles SpanielPurebred10-14 years
Cesky TerrierCross Breed12-15 years
ChihuahuaPurebred14-18 years
Chinese CrestedPurebred12-14 years
ChorkiePurebred12-14 years
Chow ChowCross Breed13-15 years
ColliePurebred14-16 years
CotonesePurebred13-15 years
Croatian SheepdogPurebred12-14 years
DalmatianPurebred12-14 years
Danish-Swedish FarmdogPurebred10-15 years
Deutsche BrackePurebred10-12 years
DorkieCross Breed13-15 years
Double DoodleCross Breed12-15 years
DunkerPurebred10-12 years
East Siberian LaikaPurebred12-15 years
Entlebucher Mountain DogPurebred11-15 years
French SpanielPurebred10-12 years
Gordon SetterCross Breed10-12 years
Hokkaido DogPurebred11-13 years
Jack Russell TerrierPurebred13-16 years
JagdterrierPurebred12-15 years
Japanese SpitzPurebred10-16 years
Japanese TerrierPurebred12-15 years
Kangal DogPurebred12-15 years
Labrador RetrieverPurebred10-12 years
Lancashire HeelerPurebred12-15 years
LandseerPurebred9-11 years
LowchenPurebred12-15 years
Lucas TerrierPurebred14-15 years
LurcherPurebred12-14 years
MalteseCross Breed15-18 years
Manchester TerrierPurebred14-16 years
Maremma SheepdogPurebred11-13 years
Miniature BulldogPurebred9-12 years
Miniature Bull TerrierPurebred10-12 years
Miniature PinscherPurebred12-15 years
Miniature PoodlePurebred14-16 years
Miniature SchnauzerPurebred12-14 years
Moscow WatchdogPurebred9-11 years
MudiPurebred12-14 years
NewfoundlandPurebred9-12 years
NorrbottenspetsPurebred12-15 years
Norwich TerrierPurebred12-15 years
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverPurebred12-14 years
Parson Russell TerrierPurebred13-15 years
PekingesePurebred13-15 years
Pembroke Welsh CorgiPurebred12-14 years
Perro de Presa CanarioPurebred9-11 years
PointerPurebred12-15 years
Pont-Audemer SpanielPurebred12-14 years
Portuguese PointerPurebred12-14 years
PudelpointerPurebred9-11 years
PugglePurebred10-15 years
PuliPurebred12-16 years
Redbone CoonhoundPurebred12-14 years
Russian ToyPurebred11-13 years
Russian Tsvetnaya BolonkaPurebred12-16 years
Saarloos wolfdogPurebred10-12 years
Scottish DeerhoundPurebred8-10 years
Sealyham TerrierPurebred14-16 years
Seppala Siberian SleddogPurebred12-16 years
Shetland SheepdogPurebred12-14 years
ShichonPurebred12-15 years
Shih TzuPurebred10-16 years
Silky TerrierPurebred12-15 years
Smooth Fox TerrierPurebred12-15 years
Taco TerrierPurebred13-15 years
Tibetan SpanielPurebred12-15 years
Toy Fox TerrierPurebred13-14 years
Toy PoodlePurebred14-16 years
Volpino ItalianoPurebred14-16 years
Welsh TerrierPurebred10-14 years
West Highland White TerrierPurebred12-16 years
Yorkshire TerrierPurebred12-16 years

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