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Are Bracco Italianos Smart Dogs?

Planning on getting a Bracco Italiano and would like to know if Bracco Italianos are smart dogs?

Find out about the Bracco Italiano intelligence ranking level, how to do a Bracco Italiano IQ test and more concerning the Bracco Italianos intelligence on this website.

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Are Bracco Italianos Smart Dogs?
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How Smart Are Bracco Italianos Compared To Other Dogs?

According to top Bracco Italiano dog experts, Bracco Italiano dogs score out of 5 in a scale of how smart they are.

The Bracco Italiano is ranked unknown in the dog intelligence rankings.


Bracco Italiano IQ Test – How Smart is your Bracco Italiano?

Searching for how clever is your Bracco Italiano? The Bracco Italiano IQ test can assist you determine how clever they are along with their trainability and problem resolving potentials. Shown below are some simple activities you can carry out with your Bracco Italiano to evaluate their IQ. A scoring process is also applied so you can figure out where your Bracco Italiano sits on the canine IQ scale.

Task 1: Leave a big blanket or towel over the top of your Bracco Italiano’s head. This will examine your Bracco Italiano’s problem resolving capacities.

  • 3 points if they figure it out in less than 15 seconds
  • 2 points if they figure it out in 15-30 seconds
  • 1 point if they figure it out in over 30 seconds

Task 2: Put 3 empty containers upside down in a row. While your Bracco Italiano is looking, put a snack under one of the bowls and distract them for a handful of seconds just before letting them locate the treat. This will examine your %%breep%%’s learning and remembering information proficiencies.

  • 3 points if they go straight to the ideal cup
  • 2 points if they check one empty cup before discovering the right cup
  • 1 point if they inspect both the empty cups prior to discovering the right cup

Task 3: Put 3 empty cups upside down in a row. While your Bracco Italiano is looking, put a reward under one of the cups and sidetrack them for a few seconds before letting them find the reward. This will test your %%breep%%’s knowing and retaining information abilities.

  • 3 points if they go straight to the correct bowl
  • 2 points if they check one empty bowl before identifying the correct container
  • 1 point if they take a look at both the empty cups before finding the ideal cup

Task 4: Pick a time when you would not commonly take your Bracco Italiano dog for a walk and get their leash while they’re looking. This will check their competency to make and recollect associations.

  • 3 points if they quickly get the hint and become thrilled
  • 2 points if you require to stroll in the direction of the door for them to comprehend
  • 1 point if they do not appear to understand what is occurring

Task 5: Under a furniture piece that is low enough where just your dog’s paws will fit, put a snack within their reach. This will examine your Bracco Italiano’s reasoning and problem resolving capacities.

  • 3 points if it takes within 1 minute to get to the treat just with their paw
  • 2 points if they try to put their head under first or makes use of both their nose and paws
  • 1 point if they surrender altogether


  • 12 or more points: Congrats! You’re Bracco Italiano is a genius.
  • 10-12 points: You’re Bracco Italiano is no Genius however they’re still really intelligent!
  • 8-10 points: You’re Bracco Italiano isn’t the smartest but they’ll get by okay
  • 5-8 points: You’re Bracco Italiano may require some assistance in finding out some things and completing some activities
  • Under 5 points: It doesn’t take a genius to be able to provide hugs and kisses– that’s all that truly matters, right?


How to Tell if you’re Bracco Italiano is Smart or Dumb?

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There are a wide range of indications that informs you about your Bracco Italiano intelligence. Check out the easy list to help you know “how to tell if your Bracco Italiano is clever or dumb”. If you’re Bracco Italiano does a lot of the things noted on the list, they are a clever cookie!

  1. They don’t forget demands without practice
  2. They’re an escape artist
  3. They cuddle you when you are hurt
  4. They can solve puzzle toys
  5. They understand when you’re leaving
  6. They know how to get your attention
  7. They know how to remain safe
  8. They can quickly master brand-new techniques


How to Make your Bracco Italiano Smarter?

Wish to know how to make your Bracco Italiano smarter? Look into these simple to follow tips to make your Bracco Italiano more intelligent.

1. Give your Bracco Italiano plenty of praise and potentially even treats whenever they show intelligent behaviour.

2. Socialize your Bracco Italiano, especially from an early age. Taking your Bracco Italiano out regularly and exposing them to new surroundings and situations will significantly assist build their intellect.

3. Train your Bracco Italiano from puppyhood. Start training as soon as you bring your puppy home. This will certainly make your Bracco Italiano more trainable and enhance their cleverness.

4. Perform physical manipulation with your Bracco Italiano dog each day. This is more important when your pup is younger, but regular handling will make your dog better accept change and learn new commands.

5. Continuously teach new commands and tricks. All pet dogs have the capacity to learn new tricks, so ensure you keep looking for new things to train your Bracco Italiano.

6. Provide continuous exposure to issues and challenges. For instance, you can buy food bowls that make them use their cleverness to consume.


How Smart is my Bracco Italiano Dog Compared to a Human?

As stated by many pet dog behavioral experts, Bracco Italianos’ brainpowers are considerably similar to a human kid aged between 2 to 2.5 years old. Below are some intriguing realities relating to Bracco Italianos and other canines’ intelligence compared to human beings.

1. The average Bracco Italiano can be taught around 165 words, involving signals. Whilst, the ‘super dogs’, more smart dog breeds, can get to know around 250 words.

2. Bracco Italianos can really count up to 4 or 5.

3. Throughout play, Bracco Italianos have the competency to deliberately outwit other dogs and people to get rewards.


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