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How To Find Your Lost Dog

[INFOGRAPHIC] How To Find Your Lost Dog?

We know how stressful and worrying it is when a beloved fur baby goes missing. That’s why we created this easy to follow checklist to help you find your lost dog quickly and safely (scroll down for a simple infographic).


1. Search for your missing dog

Use this checklist to search and find your missing dog:

  • Search the area and surrounding areas your dog went missing.
  • Call out their name clearly and calmly, do not use an angry tone.
  • Ask family, friends, neighbours or locals to help with your search.
  • Make sure someone stays home in case your dog turns up.
  • Try luring them in with their favourite items or toys, they may follow the scent to find their way back to you.


2. Report your dog as lost

Use this checklist to report and find your missing dog:


Infographic - How To Find Your Missing Dog


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