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6 Tips For Taking Your Dog To Work

6 Tips For Taking Your Dog To Work

As we gradually go back to working in the office, we can again enjoy some of the fun parts about being in an office. Snack, chats with friends, after work drinks, but most importantly, Take Your Dog to Work Day. To help make Take Your Dog to Work Day run safely and successfully, we’re sharing our best tips and advice!


1. Make sure you prepare properly for the day

Before surprising your colleagues and bringing your fur baby in to work, follow this checklist:

  • Check with your employer if pets are allowed in the office, and get their approval
  • Ensure that no one in the office is allergic to dogs
  • Ensure your dog is microchipped, vaccinated, healthy and won’t spread infections
  • Make sure your dog is socialised with other dogs and humans


2. Transport – Drive in to work

We recommend your drive in to work on Take Your Dog to Work Day, unless you live walking distance. It’s a lot easier and more convenient than taking public transport. Also, make sure your dog is wearing a car harness and doesn’t get car sick.


3. Bring a cozy bed

You’ll always want a make sure there is a comfy and cozy spot for your dog to rest, have a special “spot” for them in your office.


4. Bring puzzle toys

You’ll need some kind of toy or activity to keep your dog busy and stimulated while your working away. A puzzle toy or chew toy is your best option. Squeaky toys are a big no-no in any office, we recommend KONGs to keep your dog entertained.


5. Have lots of water

New, unusual environments can be quite stressful for your dog, so to make it easier make sure you provide them with plenty of clean, fresh water.


6. Take plenty of toilet breaks

Make sure you take your dog out more than normal, to prevent any potty accidents as they may be feeling more stressed or anxious than usual.


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