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Rabies in Dogs

Is your pet not well and showing any signs or symptoms of Rabies in Dogs? Learn more about the symptoms, causes, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of Rabies in Dogs here.

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What is Rabies in Dogs?

Rabies in pet dogs is a disease that requires to be closely monitored and dealt with in order to provide your furry friend as many healthy years as possible.

Rabies is a viral condition that might impact the brain as well as spinal cord of all creatures, including felines, dogs and human beings.

This avoidable condition has been reported in most countries.

More information on the early signs of rabies and what are the causes of rabies and treatments for rabies in dogs can be found on this post.

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Symptoms of Rabies in Dogs

Rabies can cause noticeable changes in your dog’s wellbeing and behaviour. As a pet owner, it is essential to understand the signs and symptoms of rabies in dogs, so you can get the right treatment for your dog as soon as possible.

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  • Changes In Behavior
  • Biting Or Snapping
  • Attacking Other Animals
  • Fever
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Licking At The Bite Site
  • Biting At The Bite Site
  • Chewing At The Bite Site
  • Hiding In Dark Places
  • Eating Unusual Objects

Please Note: The information provided on this article is designed to help inform you regarding rabies. It is not meant to replace the vet diagnosis or treatment for rabies. If you have any questionsor concerns about your pet’s health or possible symptoms, be sure to get in touch with and consult with your vet as soon as you can.

The Main Causes of Rabies in Dogs

To understand and treat rabies in dogs, you need to know the underlying causes of rabies in dogs. This can help a pet parent prevent rabies occurring in the first place or again.

There are several ways of transmission of the rabies virus to dogs.

Rabies in dogs is most situations transmitted through a bite from another infected animal.

In some circumstances, rabies can be transmitted when the saliva of a rabies-infected animal enters your pet's body through mucous membranes or an open, fresh wound.

The risk for contracting rabies runs highest if your dog is exposed to wild animals. Outbreaks can occur in populations of wild animals such as bats, raccoons, skunks and foxes or in areas where there are significant numbers of unvaccinated, free-roaming dogs and cats.

Diagnosing Rabies in Dogs

No one knows your canine better than you do and therefore it is important that your dog be checked properly by a vet annually.

To diagnose rabies in dogs, unfortunately, there are no accurate tests, at this moment.

The most accurate test to diagnose rabies in dogs using the direct fluorescent antibody test on brain test, but it can only be performed after the death of the animal.

For dogs at risk of getting rabies, more frequent check ups at the vet clinic may be advised.

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Preventing Rabies in Dogs

It is awful when your dog gets sick, and seeing it suffer can be absolutely heartbreaking. With caution and a bit of extra care, a dog parent can make sure that dog stays protected from illnesses such as rabies.

To not to look weak or vulnerable to predators, the innate survival instincts make canines hide health problems. This means extensive physical examinations by a qualified vet are important to keep your animals healthy. Usually, blood and urine tests carried out by your vet are required to get the total picture of your pet’s health. These preventive checks actions will detect any illness earlier making treatment more effective and less expensive and, more notably, will help your pet live a longer, healthier life.

  • Vaccination for rabies is the best way to prevent rabies infection on dogs.
  • Avoiding contact with wild animals is also necessary to prevent your dog from catching rabies.

Treatment for Rabies in Dogs

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Once the symptoms of rabies in dogs appear, there is no treatment or cure for rabies and in most situations, rabies in dogs results in death.

Chat to your local vet to find out more about how to treat rabies in dogs.

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