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Mites in Dogs

Is your pet not well and showing any signs or symptoms of Mites in Dogs? Learn more about the symptoms, causes, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of Mites in Dogs here.

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What is Mites in Dogs?

Mites in pets is a disease that requires to be carefully monitored and treated in order to provide your furry friend as many healthful years as possible.

Mites in dogs are tiny creatures, typically less than a millimetre long, that goes into the skin of your pet and cause irritation and inflammation. Mites in dogs are common health problem for dogs.

Mites are one type of parasites which causes a range of skin conditions such as dry skin to hair loss. Usually, mites inhabit in the fur, and occationally in the ears. Regardless of where they live, they can make life uncomfortable for your dog.

Here’s everything you have to know about mites in dogs – how to prevent your pupfrom mites, the early signs or of mites that you should look for, and what to do if you find symptoms of mites in dogs.

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Symptoms of Mites in Dogs

Mites can cause obvious changes in your dog’s wellbeing and behaviour. As a pet owner, it is essential to understand the signs and symptoms of mites in dogs, so you can get the required treatment for your pet as soon as possible.

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  • Hair loss
  • Dandruff
  • Excessive Scratching
  • Visible Irritation
  • Seeing Mites on Skin

Disclaimer: The information provided on this article is designed to help inform you regarding mites. It is not meant to replace the vet diagnosis or treatment for mites. If you have any concerns or questions about your dog’s health or possible symptoms, be sure to contact and consult with your veterinarian as soon as you can.

The Main Causes of Mites in Dogs

To understand and treat mites in dogs, you need to know the underlying causes of mites in dogs. This can help a pet owner prevent mites happening in the first place or again.

If you observe your dog has mites, then this health condition is refered to as mange. The two types mites which are common in dogs are sarcoptic mange and demodectic mange.

However, there are several other health conditions caused by mites in dogs such as cheyletiellosis, and harvest mite infestation which is also refered to as "trombiculosis".

Diagnosing Mites in Dogs

Nobody knows your dog better than you do and hence it is critical that your dog be examined properly by a vet at least once a year.

By carefully studying their skin of the dogs, you might be able to find out if your dog has mites. Other signs of mites in dogs include scratching, biting, or chewing themselves excessively.

By analysing a piece of skin or hair under the microscope, your vet can diagnose and identify the type of mite affecting your dog. This will help your vet to prescribe the best treatment for mites in dogs

Chat to your local vet to understand more about the treatments for mites in dogs.

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Preventing Mites in Dogs

It is horrible when your pet gets ill, and seeing it hurt can be extremely heartbreaking. With caution and a bit of extra care, a dog parent can make sure that dog stays protected from diseases like mites.

To not to seem weak or susceptible to predators, the natural survival instincts make pets hide diseases. This suggests extensive physical examinations by a qualified veterinarian are important to keep your animals healthy. Normally, blood and urine tests carried out by your veterinarian are needed to get the complete picture of your family pet’s health. These preventive checks actions will diagnose any health problems earlier making treatment more effective and less pricey and, more notably, will help your canine live a longer, healthier life.

One of the surest way to prevent dog mites in your dog is to make sure your dog does not come into contact with a dog who has mites.

To prevent reinfestation of mites, wash your dog's bedding and check that their surrounding environment has been cleaned.

Treatment for Mites in Dogs

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Fortunately, most mite infestations in dogs can be treated with a simple anti-parasitic wash with anti parasitic shampoos. Even though, most anti parasitic shampoos are available from many pet stores, consult your vet first to ensure the correct shampoo is used to treat mites in your pet.

In severe mite infestations, your veterinarian may prescribe medication or a spot-on to help get rid of the mite infestation. In some circumatnces, more than one type of treatment will be used at a time, and they may have to be administered for a while. As long as, you and your dog perserver with the treatment, your dog will be free of mites.

Talk to your local vet to learn more about how to treat mites in dogs.

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