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Lost your pet? Found a pet? Or want to adopt a pet in Yorkville IL?

We knows exactly how painful it is when a precious family pet is lost. That’s why we do our very best to reunite lost pets with their pet parents in Yorkville and surrounding places.

On this website, you can locate information on all things related to pet rescue Yorkville and cat or dog adoption Yorkville. There are also helpful guidelines on what to do if you’ve lost your pet or discovered someone else’s animal.


Humane Societies, Dog Adoptions & Animal Shelters in Yorkville IL

Searching for an animal shelter Yorkville IL or humane society Yorkville IL that offers care, housing and treatment to lost or stray canines and cats within Yorkville and bordering areas? Or are you searching for cat or dog adoption Yorkville IL?

Find your local animal shelter Yorkville and their contact info in the list below. Utilize the search bar to look for your postcode or suburb.




What to do if I’ve lost my pet in Yorkville IL?

Pet Net ID knows how awful and anxious it is when an animal goes missing. However, there are lots of things you can do to swiftly find and rejoin with your animal, from asking around in the Yorkville region, calling your local vet and animal shelter Yorkville IL, and putting up lost pet posters.

Guarantee your pet is always wearing their collar + ID tag, a Smart ID Collar and Smart ID Tag when possible, and are microchipped with your proper contact info. Listed here are some vital suggestions on what to do if you’ve lost your animal in Yorkville.

1. Sign up your lost pet free of cost at Pet Net ID’s pet reunite service will certainly assist get the word out concerning your missing animal online and also assist any one that finds your lost animal to call you conveniently, also in circumstances where your animal is not using a pet ID tag, pet collar or doesn’t have a microchip!

2. Browse around Yorkville right away: Sitting around waiting for your pet to come home will certainly not do a lot. Go browsing in Yorkville and the location where your pet was last noticed.

3. Call local pet rescue Yorkville IL organisations: Look on Google for phrases like: ‘Animal Shelter Yorkville’, ‘Humane Society Yorkville’, ‘Dog Pound Yorkville’ or ‘Cat Pound Yorkville’ to discover local Yorkville pet rescue groups. Also contact your local Yorkville vet services and clinics.

4. Create posters and put them up in your area: Allow your whole Yorkville community know of your missing pet with missing pet posters … make a reward for additional help!

5. Use social media sites and online dog rescue Yorkville IL + cat rescue Yorkville IL networks: Post on Lost & Found Pet Groups on social media sites, and register your family pet on our Lost & Found Pet Network to locate your animal a lot quicker.

We understand this can feel like a huge concern especially when you’re managing the pain of not knowing where your animal is. That’s where we can help you, watch this video clip to see just how we assist reunite lost animals with their pet parents.

Just click this link to register your lost pet free of cost, and we will help you reunite with your pet a lot faster!



What do I do if I found a pet in Yorkville IL?

If you have come upon a canine or feline who appears to be missing and are unsure on what to do next, do not worry, we are here to assist. Below are some good reminders on what to do if you’ve uncovered an animal in Yorkville.

1. Check out the pet’s collar or tag: If they have a tag, attempt and speak to the pet parent using the contact information on the collar or tag.

2. Scan the pet’s microchip: Take the missing family pet to the neighborhood vet or animal pound in Yorkville to get the pet checked for a microchip.

3. Use social media sites and online dog shelter Yorkville IL + cat shelter Yorkville IL pet networks: Post on Lost & Found Pet Groups on social networks, and sign up the found pet on to our Lost & Found Pet Network to reunite them with their owner a lot faster.


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